What better place to celebrate FLORIDA’s 500TH ANNIVERSARY than on Miami Beach’s OCEAN DRIVE … The Neon-Bathed home of the MIAMI DESIGN PRESERVATION LEAGUE’s ART DECO WEEKEND 2013. An ART DECO PARADISE and the perfect setting for what has become Miami’s premiere street festival, featuring the best of Florida’s ARCHITECTURE, ART, MUSIC, FASHION and CULINARY offerings.

Join the more than 300,000 festival-goers as they stroll through the palm-filled promenade called Lummus Park, resting comfortably between the Tropical Blue Atlantic Ocean and Miami Beach’s Majestic line of ART DECO HOTELS, the World’s most beautiful display of this distinct ARCHITECTURAL STYLE.

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Specifically celebrating the decades between 1915 and 1945, ADW 2013 will host a VIP PARTY designed to take a small group of special guests back to the ROARING ’20s. If interested, here’s your chance to acquire a secret key, allowing entrance to the private event that will feature the music, cocktails, and cuisine favored in the High Society of the Jazz Age.

Find your key on the “SPEAKEASY” page …

— video by PBS

Ken Burns’ PBS produced documentary “Prohibition” was an entertaining description of life in America during the so-called “Roaring ’20s,” which was also a time when the United States government outlawed the sale and consumption of alcohol.

“Sing, Sing, Sing”

— video by Enrique Blein

One of the most popular presentations at Art Deco Weekend 2012 was a “mapping projection” on the facade of Ocean Drive’s Leslie Hotel. The production was designed by a Venezuelan group called Alternative Media International, who had been commissioned by the new owners of the Leslie. At the time, the hotel was empty and in the process of renovation. Work continues, and the Leslie is expected to open sometime in 2013. Whether on the Leslie, or some other Art Deco facade on Ocean Drive, plans are to have more MAPPING PROJECTION for 2013.

“Magic City”

Mitch Glazer, a favorite son of Miami Beach is reliving his childhood with “Magic City,” a STARZ network series that he writes and produces as something of a fantasy of turn-of-the-60s life on Miami Beach, and at the “fictional” Miramar Playa Hotel. Mitch is interviewed in this “making of” promotion aired on STARZ before the series premiere.

— video by STARZ

“Roaring” Back to the Future …

Originally coinciding with the premiere of Ken Burns’ documentary “PROHIBITION,” Miami’s PBS station (WLRN/Channel 17) aired a similar piece concentrating specifically on Prohibition in South Florida, and featuring interviews with a number of local writers and historians.

— video by WLRN